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Tyrolkid, The first automatic zipline only for kids !

TYROLKID is a zipline for kids. Automatic operation allows to work with only one operator.

The base reception is at the bottom station. The kid equipped with a harness is hung below the carrying trolley.

Thanks to the tractor remote control, the operator starts the riding cycle. Everything is automatically managed according to the following stages:

Tractor going up to the top anchoring point, dropping, tractor timed shutdown, tractor going down after carrier stopping.

The same braking system with counter weight.

Main data about this zipline :

  • From 100m to 250m
  • For children between 15 kg and 45 kg
  • Only one operator is required for operation
  • Only one riding trolley
  • Superman and seating position on the same trolley
  • Way up by electrical traction trolley
  • Way down by free-wheel trolley
  • Low vertical drop needed (between 3% and 5%)
  • Perfect for the development of snow front, park, mall etc…

This zipline can be installed almost everywhere.

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